2014 is Year #2 of Sharks Youth Rugby!

In our first year, we introduced Sevens Rugby to the area and had over 30 players join the squad! This year, we plan to head back to the Bay State Games and take on new opponents all over the South Shore!

*****Practice starts April 9th at 4 p.m. at the Lower Town Park in Whitman.*****
We are a NO CONTACT team for ages under 13. We play 7 a side (7’s) flag rugby! The club is co-ed and all players are afforded as much playing time as we can possibly give them. This year, we are introducing full-contact tackle rugby for the Under-15 group ONLY. It’ll be just like the version of sevens that will be played in the 2016 Rio Olympics. Come out & join us!

· "Action! 7’s" is a fast-paced game.
· Teamwork. While individual play can lead to a try being scored, working in concert with teammates makes it much easier to score and to defend!
· Inclusion. The strength of rugby’s culture is that we accept everyone who makes a commitment to become part of the team, regardless of experience or skill level. Our coaches will strive to have every player improve over the course of the season. We want young players to build confidence and enjoy the game! We are all Sharks!!

· There are no all-star teams. We value all our players and put a priority on everyone’s development & enjoyment. Players will not ride the bench all day. Everyone gets practice time and game time!
· Unlike football, every rugby player regularly carries the ball.

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